VeeToys (USA)

For over 30 years, Vee Enterprises has been a pioneer and innovator of Cat Toys- raising and redefining the bar for others to reach. With their groundbreaking debut in 1988, Vee Enterprises introduced the first interactive cat toy, The PURRfect® Cat Toy. The creative design of infusing teaser elements of movement and sound with durable pet safe materials- capable of withstanding the roughest cat play- raised eyebrows and standards in the industry gaining the Cat Fancy Grand Award: Best New Cat Product of 1992 Award.

In 1990, Vee Enterprises had solidified their reputation for quality American Made cat toys by introducing The PURRfect® Feather Cat Toy. This long wand interactive cat toy separated Vee from their competitors by using natural feathers and soft pliable connections without any metal pieces- keeping cats safe from chemicals and dangerous metal parts that had become common elements in the Cat Toy Community. Reviews from Cat Fancy, Veterinarians, Chicagoland Tails, etc poured in praising its durability and action. Vee Enterprises found their forward thinking and persistent pursuit of quality toys had earned its rightful place in every cat owner's home.


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