Cat Tree

We manufacture our scratching posts made of birch multiplex plates (base 50 mm) Sandwich plate 21 mm thick), these are sealed with linseed oil.
This oil is built on a natural basis, and offers optimal protection and impregnation the wood. Inconveniences such as urine, etc. can be removed so easily. The couch cushions are made of a cotton blend fabric (top Flor 100% cotton) and can be removed by a Velcro system. They are washable and tumble dried 60°. Our trees have been developed in a modular system, so that they can easily be expanded or are renewable if necessary. The sisal logs with a diameter of 14 cm are produced by the company Robusta, a brand which has been on the market for almost 30 years. A specially designed connection system of the screw connection can be a tear out this will be impossible. 10-year guarantee on this system. A tree for life.

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